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    Value your Knowledge
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    Athena: Zero search time enterprise knowledge base
    How do you manage your knowledge assets?
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    Where is that work procedure?
    Do we know how to repair that?
    Are we improving?
    Where is that drawing?
    Who can fix this?
    Is this the latest revision?
    ? ?
    What is the costs behind
    all that searching?
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    Athena let's you visually model
    Your Business...
    ...from Concepts to Processes
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    Athena helps workers...
    find the knowledge they need
    share their knowledge
    ...continually improve

Athena Features

Athena is an integrated enviroment for managing all your enterprise knowledge assets. Get your most valuable knowledge assets organized and give your employees instant access to them.

Athena provides optimized access to the information your employees need, at the precise moment they actually need it with zero search time.

Customization for your specific business processes

Athena doesn't impose you a structure, you customize to with your business concepts and processes. Athena integrates the toolset and methodology to move from where you are towards major productivity improvements. This customization process follows an Agile methodology integrating the end users as the final client. Integrating the end-user in this bottom-up strategy is one key element in the adoption strategy. Users love the products that they have designed themselves.

Big Data Analytics serving your management decisions

Users, interacting with Athena, produce masses of precious information which is very relevant for the business. For example task clocking times can be tracked for each execution of all tasks in your business processes. This can generate very large amounts of data. Athena integrates the toolset to handle that data and provide real-time analytics on it. This naturally leads to better estimates and better decisions in the end.

Compliance Evidence at hand

Athena changes the way users interact with knowledge. When users use Athena they are following their workflow inside Athena and get contextual knowledge as a benefit. In return, the company gets valuable data certifying that the regulations were enforced and can easily extract needed audit data when a compliance issue. Switching to a fully paperless solution like Athena enables this kind of strong information control ability when it is most needed. In this perspective, the data comes to you instead of you having to gather it. Showing control over data and processes is crucial in a compliance audit. This is what Athena is all about.

Improved efficiency

Having the right information at the right time is the way that will make the workers become more efficient. Workers themselves can provide feedback on their experience and suggest corrections to the business processes. Eliminating "search time" in the workers effort is a very important endeavour. It gratifies the workers by letting them do what they are good at: soldering, repairing equipments, ... not searching documents on a shared drive. Athena takes the load of information management and structuring off the shoulders of every workers in your enterprise.